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According to the IUCN, 31 per cent of cactus species are currently critically threatened with extinction, making them more endangered than mammals and birds.

This species may fledge as many as 3 broods a year. During the past decade, shrinking populations in coastal s. Baja California have received increased attention; this revision bolsters the original account's treatment of these populations.

The prickly appearance of cacti may lead some people to care less about its plight but this illegal trade is just as morally bankrupt as poaching elephants for their tusks.

In fact, Kimberlie explains, “Cacti are protected under the same international treaty as elephants.

Large size and conspicuous, noisy behavior distinguish Cactus Wrens from all other wrens with which they might occur.

The nest is a large, globular chamber with a tunnel-shaped passageway and “doorstep” or perch near the entrance.

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