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I'm very into color palettes and how things are look and pop. It helped us immediately get into the personality of who these girls were and how they're different.Since her career began, Karen O has consistently proven herself to be among the most diverse, influential, and transformative artists in music.Karen: He also said, “There's a romance between a muse and an artist, but it doesn't necessarily have to be romantic.It could be platonic.” which I found quite interesting immediately.

Karen did those themes immediately attract you to work on the project?Humberto do you usually have a storyline with the collection? We always have a storyline that at least helps us to start the mood board for the collection. For this one in particular, we wanted this fictitious meeting of someone who's alive and someone's who’s dead and create this romance between the two of them, in this case Ryuichi Sakamoto and Sayoko Yamaguchi, the model.We came up with this storyline that obviously was made up on our end, and then we told that to Karen. Then we were introduced to Ana Lily not too long after that and then we introduced Karen and Ana Lily to see if it made sense from both their parts.Then he showed me the photos of the guys and it just kinda sparked my imagination because they're Asian, they're both Japanese.In this oddball way because I'm half Korean, when I meet other Asian-Americans or Asians, that are just killing it in whatever field they're doing, I just get really excited!

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