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Equipment and Setup Basic Techniques and Theory Developing Your Skills Helpful Additions Community Q&A The piano is an iconic instrument known for its ease of playability, difficulty, and its beautiful sound.Read this article to give yourself a leg up as you learn how to play the piano.The earlier fortepiano became obsolete and was absent from the musical scene for many decades.In the 20th century the fortepiano was revived, following the rise of interest in historically informed performance.Previous Tours | Tour Programmes In the publicity for the October and November Piano Portraits tour, many theatres and sites are stating that this is my 50th year in the music business which is totally untrue.I am not sure where this stupid and inaccurate statement came from but it was certainly not from my side of things, but I am so incensed about this that I intend to find out the source and whoever is responsible will no longer be part of our “team” as we pride ourselves that everything that appears anywhere should be accurate and approved by either myself or the management office.

This page contains details of all forthcoming performances worldwide, together with reviews where they exist from previous concerts.

The piano works of Beethoven (1770–1827) reflect a gradually expanding range; his last piano compositions are for an instrument of about six octaves.

(The range of most modern pianos, attained in the 19th century, is 7⅓ octaves.) Fortepianos from the start often had devices similar to the pedals of modern pianos, but these were not always pedals; sometimes hand stops or knee levers were used instead.

Cristofori continued to develop the instrument until the 1720s, the time from which the surviving three Cristofori instruments date.

Cristofori is perhaps best admired today for his ingenious piano action, which in some ways was more subtle and effective than that of many later instruments.

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