Pattaya dating girl

When you’re walking down the street full of bars with young and sexy girls each and everyone trying to lure you in for a “shower” in one of their private rooms upstairs then you know you’re either dreaming in your boring home town or you are actually right there in Pattaya’s infamous street: Soi Sex. There are literally of bars each filled with lots of girls most of them standing outside trying to make you come inside for short time.

By driving down Second Road all the way from Walking Street you will notice that there are less and less bars with each Soi you’re passing and once you reach Soi 6 it’s a big surprise how busy it is and easy to get overwhelmed by what is going on here.

You may think 1,000 Baht all inclusive so the girl’s quality can’t be that good? Seriously most of the girls in Pattaya Soi 6 are so hot they could easily get a job in the Go Go’s and earn a lot more money. Probably because they are too lazy dancing on stage every night.

So once you paid the money inside at the bar counter the girl will take you upstairs where she gets a couple of towels first and a condom then picks one of the private rooms.

If you haven’t talked anything much before you can do so now and then go to the enclosed bathroom to take a shower together.

Similar like in the soapy massage parlors, the girl will scrub the soap all over your and her body not just to get “warm” with each other but to obliviously ensure a clean experience.

All they have to do is sit there and wait for someone to take their service.Massages are a huge business in Pattaya (just like in any other big town in Thailand).Interestingly, while I always see less girls in some of the bars every time I go on a weekend trip from Bangkok or even some beer bar complexes closing down completely, that’s not the case with the small massage salons.So you can now either go on Google and search for the different salons, which will be difficult because most of them don’t advertise their services openly (unlike in Bangkok), or you can just continue reading my guide here where I will give you the full overview of ladyboy massages in Pattaya.I will split this post into different sections, starting with the main areas to find shemale massages including a map, followed by information on the prices and finally compare the girls massages with the ladyboy massages.

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