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It gently winds its way through the months, highlighting ingredients when they are at their best.It also touches on mindfulness and reconnecting ourselves to the act of cooking.

Ingredients are mainly easy to find and recipes are straight forward to create.Maya Sozer, a private chef, co-founder of food blog Dreamy Leaf and Instagram sensation, provides a full breakdown of nutritional content for each recipe, which is really useful if you’re keeping an eye on your macronutrients.We particularly loved the comfort food section – think cauliflower mac and cheese, spaghetti with black bean walnut veg balls and polenta pizza.Instead of focusing on what’s missing though, these tried-and-tested cookbooks celebrate the myriad ways plants can be made into exciting plates of food, full of flavour and brimming with health benefits.And while most of these books are exclusively vegan, some feature vegetarian recipes with vegan alternatives.

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